claudette benjamin — british writer and editor of the wells street journal. based in milton keynes, south east england.

review: a child of the jago by arthur morrison

based on sarah wise’s review of the same book in london fictions.

interview: comedian tim renkow

writer and star of bbc’s three’s hit comedy series, jerk.

short story: crisis on the northern line

as published in the south bank review 2019.

short story: happy new year

romantic thriller based on the concept of the 1993 film, groundhog day.

poetry: 2020 collection

various musings from the year 2020.

short story: oxford street dreams

as published in issue twelve of the wells street journal.

short story: where southwark meets the city

as published in issue thirteen of the wells street journal.

review: bbc three’s jerk

the guardian-style review of tim renkow’s show, now streaming on bbc iplayer.